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Improv(e)verything Professional Developm


"we enjoyed it tremendously and learned a lot."

"your workshop was able to hit the right balances between fun and education...and of learning to doing."


"you were not only helpful and fun, but your impact was immediate and will be enduring: bravo!"


"We should all embrace your invitation to be playful, legitimate, and to always say ‘Yes, and’."

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Improv(e)verything was inspired by watching the growth in our teen and adult improv students in the past few years, which appeared to extend well beyond their acting.  We asked them to list three things the study of improv has brought to their lives, and they had the following answers:

  • Sarah, Law Student: “creative thinking, ability to be present in the moment, and collaboration skills!”


  • Ben, Gr. 10:  “It has made me more outgoing, happy, and makes me ready for any situation life throws at me. I’ve gained trust in myself.”


  • Kenny, Gr. 8:  “Hold my beer:  Happiness, Creativity, Wayyy better acting prowess, absolutely, freaking, everything”


  • Jennifer, Corporate Accountant:  “Team building, courage and pure joy.”


  • Jacob, Gr. 8: “New friends, happiness, trust. Something to look forward to.”


  • Garrett, Middle School Paraprofessional and Musician: “Improved artistic/musical/vocal expression (I feel it’s helped me as a singer), communication skills working in education, and social skills. 😊”


  • Lou, Manager of a Farm Supply Company: “Creativity, confidence, thinking on your feet.”


  • Isabelle, Gr. 8:  “Creativity, patience, and it has made me more outgoing.”


  • Sylvia, Gr. 9: “Confidence, Unity, Togetherness”


  • Eden, Yale Psychiatric Medical Resident:  “Better energy and motivation!  Increased confidence in doing new things.  More laughter. Also, Improv is hugely helpful in the medical profession! So much of our work is thinking on our feet and having to do crazy things in unpredictable situations - just like improv 🙂


  • Susan, Assoc. Director, Yale Medical School Office of Education:  “Greater creativity and spontaneity, inspired to say ‘Yes, and’ more in my life and crazy, great things are happening! Laughter, laughing so hard with new friends!”


  • Barbara, Professional Actor: Thinking quickly in the moment and acting on the impulse (100% commitment/conviction ie/no hesitation), *collaborating with others (reading body language, making eye contact, teamwork, *remembering how to “play” - thinking creatively but often “out of the box” thinking. Learning how to solve problems and tell stories in new ways.


  • Phoebe, Gr. 9: "Maybe a clarity of my surroundings and a better understanding of how to react to certain situations that i may find uncomfortable or challenging to partake in.”


  • Michael, Subway Corporate Office Employee: “Being open to new ways of thinking, being less hesitant to try things, not always taking life so seriously.”

If you are looking for a FUN, DYNAMIC and TRULY USEFUL professional development training, this one is for you!  These principles are simple yet profound.  One workshop participant, an educator, called it "revelatory"!  Please contact us today to find out how it can help you, your staff, your colleagues, your students and your friends to attain happier, balanced and more productive  lives.

IMPROV(E)VERYTHING can be tailored to a contracting organization or group's specific needs, is appropriate for ages 13 to adult, and is now available for bookings at all manner of professional development trainings for schools, private companies, non-profits, retreats, and more.  We will say "yes, and" to you ad your budget, so tell us what you need and we'll do our best to make it happen! 

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