Excerpts from 'America's Daughters' by Lara E. Morton (c) 2013

Please note:  I'm happy to allow free use of the following monologues and scenes from my plays.  If you choose to perform them in any capacity, all I ask is that you provide credit to the playwright, film it, and email the file to me at handfulproductions@icloud.com.  Your work will be a great help to me as a writer moving forward. 

Mini Monologue from 'America's Daughters'  / Young actress, age 12

Once a month my family volunteers at the V.A. shelter. My mom serves hot soup, dad makes coffee and I put the rolls on their salad plates... plus a little bit of respect on the side. (big smile) “Would you like a patta butta with that, sir?.... Thank you for your service.” Some of them say ‘welcome’ and some of them don’t. I always say it anyway.... I asked my dad how things could get so bad for somebody who was a hero, and he just said ...“sometimes a person has just seen too much or felt so bad about something that they are never the same.“

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Mini & Matt Debate Scene from 'America's Daughters'  (M age 17, F age 17)


I stand firm in my assertion that my opponent's paradigm is colored by her family history and future designs on military service.  



And yours is colored by your family’s liberal anti-war agenda.  Next point?

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Ruth & Documentarian Scene from 'America's Daughters' (F age 28, F any age)


Do you want me to like you?



I don’t really care, either way. You don’t have to like me. I PROTECT YOUR LIFE… every day. While you’re watching reality television and eating organic granola, I’m ferreting out I.E.D.s so we can safely run a convoy of supplies back to the men stationed forty miles from the nearest water source. While you drive your son to soccer practice in your Toyota Highlander, I’m showering with one bottle of water and sleeping with dirt and clay pieces raining from the sky into my ears and mouth. While you live your sheltered, tech-savvy life, I’m inhaling petrochemicals so I can protect your family… but because I am right-wing you are likely to disregard the validity of my opinions as ignorance.

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Warren Monologue 1 from 'America's Daughters' (M, late 20's)


It was so fuckin’ hot in Iraq I think guys got into fights just because they were so uncomfortable and on edge all of the time. It was a buck ten easy on an average day and, let me tell ya, that kind of heat makes people do some nasty shit. Oh yeah, and then there was the boredom— not to be underestimated. You have no idea how much sitting around we did—hours, days at a time, cooking like chickens with our blood boiling. So you got heat, boredom, and fear-- sheer, undiluted fear that your number’s gonna be up in some horrific kinda way any second now. Try living that way for two years and see what it does to your mental state.

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Warren Monologue 2 from 'America's Daughters' (M, late 20's)


Guys like me come home like zombies and land in jail, or in a mental hospital, or out on the street—or fucking DEAD by their own hand-- and nobody cares. Nobody fuckin’ cares, because we’re not people; we’re pawns. We’re fucking pawns… and there’s no justice because even though we give our lives and our fucking sanity to protect the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Constitution DOES. NOT. APPLY. to us. It doesn’t apply to us. You got that? Am I making myself clear enough?

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